We provide a level of customer support that is transformative to getting a product on the market. Creating solutions that not only consider fabricators, but also the end customer working in a heavily regulated medical environment.


For robotic assisted surgery, precision is everything. This type of surgery can reduce hospital stays and lead to faster healing time.

20 year collaboration

Our role in this very important health advancement was established through a family run fabrication company. The relationship with the company spans over 20 years and benefits from our close collaboration with the fabricator and with OEMs.


The challenge was to take a very intricate drawing shared by a customer and determine how to adhere two pieces of metal to a silicone sleeve. This silicone sleeve is an important part of robotic surgery because it protects patients during the surgical procedure. In short, the sleeve serves as a protective barrier to protect both the patient and the medical device.


The customer was seeking a solution that involved high consistency rubber. Our team determined that this would be the right material for the application and it performed well when tested on a smaller scale with limited batches.

As the team continued their work and were in a position to scale up for mass production in higher volumes, they learned that several modifications should be made to maximize results. Our technical service specialists worked step by step with the customer to determine the best ways to alter the chemistry of the high consistency rubber to create a formulation specifically for the silicone sleeve to insure the material cured properly and could meet the needs of the customer.

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