Materials science, and design improve medical device performance for better safety, and healthier patients.


Predictive Engineering is a valuable tool when designing medical devices for serious conditions impacting people across the globe.

Our extensive experience means we understand that medical devices must be made with the right material and be designed to deliver medicine in a safe and efficacious way. There is no room for error.

Predictive Engineering: uses computer simulations to eliminate product behavior issues at the design stage.


We understand that designers need to know how their medical devices will perform in a real-world setting. Patients depend on these products to work for their health and well-being, even following an extended shelf life.

Working in partnership with you, we not only recommend the appropriate material to select, but also help you with sophisticated CAE simulations. These help in the creation of better medical device designs, gaining greater confidence in long term performance.


DuPont’s team works with customers to understand what is happening with their medical devices.

CAE informs the designer of any potential issue that needs to be solved for example; deflection of internal parts that are continually stressed, or how parts react when dropped on the floor. With this insight, we can make informed recommendations regarding changes that need to be made to the material or the design of the device, all leading to better performance, greater safety, and healthier patients.

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