Helping enable safe, long-life service for outdoor MV electrical switch equipment with Schneider Electric.


Medium-voltage (MV) electrical switchgear ensures safe and reliable operation of electrical equipment that serves homes and businesses. Global leader in this area, Schneider Electric has been driving towards safer, more efficient and longer life electrical switchgear components for the electric grid. As a long time supplier to Schneider Electric, DuPont understands the challenges they face in achieving their goals.

30 year service life

These goals include:


The removal of SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride – the most potent greenhouse gas) as an insulating component

Long-service life

The ability for switchgear actuator mechanisms to sustain beyond 1,000 maneuvers during life-cycle


Products to work in extreme temperatures and high humidity

Smart features

The components need to be digitally adaptable for smart control and monitoring.


Replacing metal with plastic components was not only about determining the right material. It was about selecting the right partner to help ensure the reliability and safety of the end product. Starting with CAE and working through processing parameters and testing, DuPont and Schneider Electric collaborated at every step to validate the material specification and component performance.

1000 maneuvers during life-cycle

Together with Schneider Electric we worked to:

  • Provide design, testing and processing expertise

  • Conduct temperature and accelerated aging tests

  • Meet mandatory global requirements including IEC and UL standards.


Our design and technical support provided Schneider Electric with a robust solution for safe, reliable, long-life switchgear actuators. The use of DuPont™ Zytel® HTN53G50 for the actuator frame and DuPont™ Zytel® 80G25 for cranks, drivers and tumblers (cams and levers), represented the first time a thermoplastic material was used for a high-performance MV mechanism.

x10 more maneuvers than metal

Key solution benefits included:

  • Capability for over 10,000 switch maneuvers for parts

  • 30 year component life time

  • High wide temperature variation tolerance

  • Safe, reliable performance in harsh environments

  • Reduction in weight and size of parts

  • Digitally adaptable for smart grid integration

  • Ease of access for maintenance

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