At DuPont, we have collaborated for over 40 years with the world's largest automotive safety supplier to develop components for safety restraint systems that can help save lives.


We pay close attention to the needs and requirements of our OEM and Tier partners for improved safety restraint systems.

In an auto accident, safety restraint systems must work without exception because lives are at stake.

1.2m people die in traffic accidents every year

Worldwide each year, 1.2 million people die in traffic accidents. The top lifesaving device? The seatbelt which reduces fatality by 45%.*

DuPont understands that every component of a safety restraint system must be:

  • tough enough to withstand crash impact even in small dimensions

  • durable to resist fatigue in high-cycle applications

  • able to operate thousands of times with low wear across a wide range of temperatures.

*Source:  Autoliv


Our partnership with Autoliv, one of the world’s largest automotive safety suppliers, extends over the past 40 years.

40 years of partnership with Autoliv

Reliable, robust materials are needed for safety restraints to ensure the safety of children and adults as they make their way to school, work, and home each day.

Suppliers have found that Delrin® results in better mold processing of parts that meet the highest performance standards of Tier 1 suppliers as well as OEM standards.


DuPont and Autoliv partner together to develop solutions that reduce the noise and weight of safety restraint systems without compromising safety, quality or reliability.

45% seatbelts effectively reduce fatalities by 45%

Delrin® components make it possible for Autoliv to produce safety restraint systems that are more resistant to fracture and capable of absorbing more energy in a crash.

These components simply must work every time for the life of the vehicle in order to protect what matters most: people.

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