Helping attain best-in-class driving range, lengthen module lifecycle, and improve performance for Audi’s e-tron.


When designing their first all-electric SUV, launched in Spring 2019, Audi and Dupont collaborated on the development of a thermal conductive bonding material that supported super-fast charging. In addition to thermal management capabilities, the solution had to help attain best-in-class driving range, lengthen module lifecycle and improve performance.

25° - 60°C Operating temperatures

Our challenges included:

Thermal management

Thermal management of the battery pack is one of the biggest challenges designers face. Battery components must operate in the optimum temperature window of 25°C during operations and below 60°C while charging.

Maximising vehicle performance

Increase driving range, performance, and battery life.

Minimizing charging time

Enable super-fast charging without generating excessive heat.


We were able to come to the project with a proven and award-winning history of working with Audi on adhesive solutions. This meant we were able to fast-track development and product choice. Testing confirmed that the material properties met or exceeded heat-cure performance, mixer dwell times, pump pressures, and press-in forces.

150kW Enabling super-fast charging

Our partnership with Audi is proven to:

  • Provide design, testing and processing expertise

  • Meet or exceed required performance levels


Our optimized solution for the Audi e-tron battery pack assembly specified BETAFORCE™ 2800 TC thermal-conductive 2K adhesives. The thermal management properties of BETAFORCE™ 2800 TC helps the 95kWh Audi e-tron battery operate in the optimum window of 25°C during its operations and below 60°C while charging.

In addition the excellent combination of higher modulus and elongation helps ensure that the battery and the bonded substrates that support the battery assembly can last over the vehicle lifetime.

Key solution benefits included:

  • High wide temperature variation tolerance

  • Vibration inhibition

  • Enabling superfast 150kW charging

  • Good shear thinning behaviour to supporting high volume production

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